Staying on top of current market and exterior trends is important to us here at Land Concepts. We take pride in providing our community with quality services and unparalleled customer service. That said, we’re gearing up for the long cold winter by making sure we know what’s going to be trending in 2020.

Which Home Exterior Designs are Tending in 2020?

One thing you can look forward to is a shift from more universal and generic colors to more unique siding colors. Dark blue will be popular in 2020 so too will light browns, grays, and lighter neutrals. Stay away from white or extremely vibrant colors as those aren’t great for resale and will make your home stick out and not in a good way! If you’re going to update your siding you’ll also want to update your landscaping to match the new look!

One of the biggest home exterior trends is expanding the home’s indoor living space with an outdoor room, and there are lots of ways that Land Concepts can help you do this. For example, with an outdoor kitchen, you can have everything you need for your next backyard barbecue right at your fingertips, without having to run back and forth between the yard and the house. Or, consider an outdoor fireplace. Perfect for nighttime entertaining, this can help to extend the use of your outdoor room into the colder months.

Decks and porches will also be a popular exterior trend next year as they add to your property value and resale potential. They also add curb appeal and additional living space. Another trend you can expect to see is creating an outdoor living space. Front and rear porches provide extra living space and large doors help provide a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor.

Want to stay on top of these –and future–home exterior trends? Contact the experts at Land Concepts!