Planning a paved patio or path? You may be struggling to choose a paver material. If so, allow us to turn your attention to stone pavers, which are an excellent choice for hardscape projects. Not only are they gorgeous, classic, and durable, but stone pavers also offer several other advantages that may suit your yard.

Wondering if stone pavers are right for you? Here are three surefire signs that stone paving could work well for your hardscape project.

#1: Your Lawn Maintenance is Overwhelming

If you’re struggling to keep up with your lawn care routine, using stone pavers in your project may help. In general, installing hardscape projects like patios and paved paths reduces the level of lawn maintenance. It’s simple—with less lawn, you don’t have to do as much mowing, raking, fertilizing, weeding, and so on.

In addition, stone pavers specifically are extremely low maintenance when compared to materials like concrete. Durable and weather-resistant, stone pavers don’t crack easily, and their small joints reduce the chance of weeds springing up between the pavers. Plus, stone is easy to clean and maintains decent traction when wet.

#2: You Want to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

When you have hardscape installed, you cut down on maintenance, which, in turn, reduces the resources you’re using to maintain your lawn. Water, fertilizer, fuel for the mower—less lawn maintenance means less of an environmental impact.

In terms of the manufacturing process, stone pavers also have a smaller environmental effect than materials like concrete. Stone is a renewable resource, and the pavers are completely recyclable. If you ever get tired of their timeless beauty, you can rest easy knowing they can easily be recycled into something new.

#3: You Want to Add Value to Your Home

It’s a well-known fact that hardscaped amenities can add value to your home. They boost curb appeal, offer privacy from neighbors, and can prevent erosion problems. Outdoor living spaces, like patios, firepits, and outdoor kitchens, can also be great selling points if you’re looking to put your home on the market.

As a high-quality, durable material, stone pavers tend to increase property value more than other paving materials. Plus, if a paver does crack, replacement is easy and can be DIY-ed inexpensively. There’s no need to replace the whole patio or walkway, a common problem for owners of concrete hardscape—simply pry up the broken paver and install a new one.

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