Hardscaping is an important element in decorating and defining the landscape of your home. The essence of hardscaping is the non-living elements of your yard, usually made up of bricks, stone, concrete, metal, or wood. Examples are decorative and practical elements like retaining walls, walkways, or outdoor living spaces.


Planning and Design

The first step in hardscaping (as with any home improvement project) is making a clear plan. Having a clearly set budget to execute your project is important in making decisions and will ultimately save you money in the long run. The design/build approach we take at Land Concepts will also help you along the way–from the planning stages to the final touches.

After you set a budget, start planning by mapping out your yard. Use the natural flow of the land to imagine natural focal points and emphasize them. For example, an incline can be transformed into a beautiful retaining wall.

Finally, your hardscaping elements should also match your home. As you choose hardscaping elements like stone or brick, pick complementary materials and colors that will add to the beauty of your home instead of clash with its appearance.


Projects and Building

When you begin landscaping your yard, you might feel the urge to skip right to the trees and shrubs, but hardscaping elements are important to create a firm foundation that will last. These elements might include:

  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Pathways
  • Rock edging
  • Metal fencing
  • Arbors, gazebos, or pergolas

As you plan your project, keep in mind that your new hardscaped outdoor space should be functional as well as beautiful. Consider the way you want your yard to flow and how these elements should be placed to support a long-lasting living space. You should also keep in mind the roles of the elements and weather, because these may affect your landscaping ideas.


In the end, the most important step in planning an outdoor hardscaping project is having the right team in your corner. Land Concepts has created countless projects all over Minnesota and would love to create a beautiful hardscape design for you! Contact us to learn more.