Improving your curb appeal is not just about investing in landscaping projects like flower beds or fresh grass. Hardscaping is another way to give your property’s appearance a polished, professional refresh.  

Hardscaping involves adding manmade design elements to your outdoor space. From pathways and decks to benches and outdoor kitchens, there are many ways to use hardscaping to your advantage. Make the most of hardscaping without breaking the bank with these tips on affordable projects for your home or business. 

Use Repurposed Hardscape Materials 

Repurposing items in your hardscape design is an affordable and sustainable way to improve the look of your outdoor space. Consider using what you already have, or look for free items on sites like Facebook Marketplace or your local buy-nothing group.  

Examples of repurposed hardscaping ideas include:  

  • Turning a stack of tires or a tree stump into a planter 
  • Using PVC pipe as window boxes 
  • Building a bench out of painted cinder blocks 
  • Turning an old door into a porch swing 

Prioritize Adding Planters 

One of the simplest hardscape design projects is adding planters to your yard. Get your money’s worth by looking for stone planters that will stand the test of time and weather. Cement and resin planters are affordable hardscape ideas that can serve as focal pieces in your garden, on your front porch, or in front of your business. Best of all, you can use them year after year and create unique planting arrangements each time. 

Choose an Affordable Hardscape Design  

Another way to make the most of hardscaping on a budget is to choose affordable materials for your projects. 

Bricks and Concrete 

These durable, affordable materials can be used to create a variety of hardscape design elements like patios, pathways, and garden edges. Bricks and concrete both come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be arranged to create unique patterns within your hardscape. 


Gravel is a cheap hardscape material that you can use in a walkway or parking area. It has the added benefit of reducing weed growth and increasing drainage. If you’re worried about it getting kicked up, you can always use mulch glue to hold it down.  


Wood is another highly versatile, low-cost material that can be used in many different projects like deck or patio flooring, benches, fences, borders, and paths. Choose from different types of wood and stain, or paint it to match the aesthetic of your outdoor space, business, or home.  

Get Expert Hardscape Advice 

If you have been searching for a hardscape contractor to guide the plans for your yard, garden, or storefront property, Land Concepts can help. We have experience with planning and installing hardscape elements like patios, pavers, and pathways.  

We are experts in both commercial and residential hardscaping and are committed to working within your budget to elevate the look of your space. Contact us today to find out more about our hardscaping services.