Business owners have a lot of responsibilities. They welcome the opportunity to delegate or automate as many systems as possible, so that their resources and attention can be reallocated to the most important areas of operation. 

 If your storefront, warehouse, office, or rental property has any type of green space or lawn, that’s one more thing to manage. Implementing an in-ground irrigation system, however, turns a lot of lawn care into an automated system – and that’s just the start of its benefits.  

Saving Time with Automation 

An irrigation system is a network of underground piping attached to sprinkler heads that distribute water across a lawn. They are typically controlled by a programming box, where users can select different “zones” on their lawns and maintain unique settings for each area. An automatic irrigation system allows you to set a schedule for your lawn waterings, taking one more thing off your to-do list.  

More Efficient Yard Maintenance 

Manually watering your lawn with a hose or sprinkler is not only time consuming, but it can also be wasteful. There is no controlled, proportioned, or timed release of water. You naturally end up using more water than you need—which means paying for more water than you need. Using an automatic irrigation system or a drip irrigation system, you can use the perfect amount of water every time.   

Improved Yard Health  

Overwatering isn’t just an inefficient use of water, it’s also bad for the health of your lawn. Soil holds vital nutrients for yard health, and overwatering can wash those nutrients away. Also, certain areas of your lawn may need more or less water, depending on sun exposure, type of plant life, and weed growth. You can set up your irrigation system to adjust to those factors.   

Custom Irrigation Systems for Homes and Businesses  

There are a lot of advantages of irrigation systems, but the customization factor is what really allows you to make the most of them. Building an in-ground irrigation system for your business or your home means you can choose everything from the piping layout to the type of water release. Our team of professionals at Land Concepts are here to help you figure out exactly what your lawn needs; contact us today to get started with a free estimate.