Our lawns are our home’s greatest accessory. Whether you live in a mansion or a modest house, your home will always look better when it’s surrounded by lush, green grass. We’ve already detailed the most likely destructors to your lawn in the first part of this series, but even lesser lawn funguses can cause serious harm to your grass. To prevent worsening damage, homeowners need to be able to identify and prevent these lawn issues. In some cases, seeking help from a professional lawn care company may be necessary.

Lawn Funguses

Fungal invasions can cause serious harm to your yard. When looking for symptoms of a fungal presence in your lawn, check for patchy, brown areas. Not only are these brown patches eyesores, but they will also eventually lead to the death of your lawn if left untreated.

Oftentimes common lawn funguses can be prevented with proper lawn maintenance. Even something as simple as the time of day when you water your lawn can affect its health. To prevent funguses from taking root, water your lawn in the morning, keep your mower blades sharp, and apply the correct amount of fertilizer.

Seeking Professional Lawn Care Services

Correctly identifying the issue is the first step to treating it. However, for those who aren’t experts, it can be difficult to identify and recognize common lawn diseases. Luckily, the professionals of Land Concepts are available to help. Our knowledgeable experts are able to diagnose and treat your lawn, minimizing the lasting damage from common funguses.

Utilizing a professional lawn care service is an excellent way to keep your lawn healthy throughout every season. Not only does utilizing a lawn care service like Land Concepts provide fertilizer and disease prevention for your lawn, but it also serves as a great way to ensure that you have professional assistance if any lawn funguses do appear.

Our lawn care experts tailor your lawn’s maintenance to its unique and changing needs. Contact Land Concepts to request an estimate, and learn how we can help get your lawn good to grow.