Your business’s landscaping should look as professional as the services you provide; after all, first impressions are important. That being said, creating an aesthetically pleasing, well-designed landscape is easier said than done. From design to drainage, there are several landscape design pitfalls you can avoid if you know what to watch out for.

Planning Problems in Landscaping

Many common landscaping problems are due to poor planning that occurs even before breaking ground. Fortunately, that means that they’re easily preventable with proper planning.

Plant Size

The size of the plants you place in your outdoor space matters. While the plants might be small when they’re installed, they can quickly mature and grow, resulting in overgrowth and increased maintenance needs.

As you plan which plants to incorporate into your business’s landscape, do your research to ensure your choices won’t grow out of control. Focus on visually appealing, low-maintenance plants—check out our blog on DIY Landscape Maintenance for our top suggestions for Minnesota businesses.

Sun Level

There’s nothing worse than adding beautiful landscaping to your business’s exterior, only to watch it slowly wither from a lack of (or too much) sun. Choose your landscaping plants with the sun in mind—some plants thrive in the shade, while others prefer full or partial sun.

If you’re struggling to find the right plants, an expert landscaping professional can provide advice.

Landscape Style

Your business’s landscaping should complement the architecture of your company’s building and provide a sense of overall cohesion. For example, if your business’s exterior reflects a modern style, your landscape should do the same, perhaps making use of straight lines, sharp angles, and geometric shapes in your business’s hardscape elements.

Landscape Drainage Problems

Many landscaping problems stem from improper drainage, which can make it hard to maintain an appealing exterior and interfere with the everyday use of your business’s outdoor space.

Standing Water

If you notice large puddles forming after a rainstorm in the lawn around your business, you likely have a standing water problem. This can occur if the soil isn’t able to properly absorb water or if the landscape isn’t sloped properly to redirect the water.

Walkway Flooding

If not built well, walkways and paths can flood when measures aren’t taken to divert the flow of water from these areas. This is not only inconvenient but can also pose a safety hazard for employees and customers when the water turns to ice in the winter.


Erosion takes place when topsoil is driven away by forces like water, wind, and ice. If erosion control measures aren’t taken, erosion can wreck your landscape design by uprooting or killing plants, unearthing paving materials, and carving unsightly rain gullies into the soil.

Solve Landscape Design Problems with Land Concepts

If you’re facing landscape problems, whether due to drainage issues or poor planning, professional remediation is always the best option. At Land Concepts, we develop landscape solutions based on your unique space. Our dedicated team is fully equipped to provide drainage solutions, regrade your walkways, and help you choose the right plants for your business’s space.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve your business’s greenspace.