Landscaping isn’t just about colorful flowers and abundant trees. There’s also the addition of the right hardscape elements to make your flowers look even better, like rock edging, pavers, pathways, boulder walls, retaining walls, and patios. An outdoor living space is an extremely popular addition nowadays.  They’ve become an extension of the home’s indoor living space. With these tricks, you can create the ultimate outdoor space for the cozy fall months.

Fall Outdoor Landscaping Ideas

An outdoor fireplace is perfect for your patio, especially with the days getting shorter and the nights longer. You can cozy up with blankets, scarves, and hot cider while enjoying the warmth from the fireplace to protect against the brisk fall air. An outdoor fireplace is perfect for nighttime entertaining in fall’s ideal bonfire weather. If a fire pit is more your style, consider adding built-in seating around it to up the comfort factor.

Switch out bright, summery colors and patterns for rich autumn hues, like pops of deep orange and red or natural, earthy tones. Swap out bright white chairs for comfy Adirondack chairs complete with blankets.

An oversized outdoor swing that acts as a cozy day bed is great in the chilly weather if it’s placed in an alcove of your patio where it’s protected from the elements. Hooded chairs are great too because they provide a canopied nook.

Hang lanterns for intimate, warm lighting. You can also consider the addition of overhead heat lamps to ensure you’ll stay warm as we move closer to winter. Candle chandeliers add a nice ambiance and warm glow, as well.

Insulated curtains are the perfect addition to an outdoor living space, especially during the fall. The insulated curtains will help to keep the elements out so you can stay outside even when it’s cold.

To keep with the fall theme, don’t forget to add some fun decorations, like pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, foliage-filled centerpieces, mums, and gourds.

Whether you’re just looking for a cozy space outside to relax after a hard day at work, you want to create an outdoor kitchen, or you’re hoping to add an outdoor fireplace, Land Concepts will help you enjoy your patio well into the colder fall months.