Fire features come in all kinds of styles. From the set-it-and-forget-it styles you can buy from any big box store to an elaborate outdoor fireplace. The cooler weather might be on its way, but in Minnesota, it’s the best time of year to cuddle around a good fire.

Check out these different types of fire pits you can install in your backyard just in time for fall.

Sticking with the Classics: Fire Pits

The most common backyard fire feature that homeowners install is a fire pit. There are a ton of variations to this classic style, but the basic setup is a pit made of stone, concrete, or metal. They’re popular in many homes because they can be built by even a novice DIYer after a trip to the local home goods store and a good YouTube video. These simpler fire pits usually burn wood, but you can customize a fire pit to burn propane, natural gas, charcoal, or even choose an electric model.

Fire Bowls 

Just like simpler fire pit styles, you can purchase a fire bowl from any standard home goods store. The main benefit of a fire bowl is portability. They tend to be smaller and more lightweight than a fire pit but can be designed in a more permanent manner. They are also much less expensive than installing a fire pit or changing the layout of your home.

You should, however, treat a fire bowl with more attention. Especially when burning wood, fire bowls can be dangerous and should never be left alone.


Chimineas (Spanish for chimney) are popular in the southwest because of their original terracotta design and historical ties to Mexico. They are great choices for an outdoor seating arrangement. The opening in the front of a Chiminea allows for more heat to be directed to a sitting area. The covered design repels rain and directs smoke upwards so it won’t blow in the faces of your guests. If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space, a Chiminea is a great option.

Outdoor Fire Features

The crème de la crème of outdoor fire features is an outdoor fireplace. Stylish, grand, a beautiful, an outdoor fireplace is typically built into your hardscaping and constructed by a professional; it’s not a project you want to take on by yourself! There are pre-built versions of outdoor fireplaces, but these are often much more simplistic in design and difficult to customize.

If you are looking to create the outdoor firepit area of your dreams, you don’t need to wait until next year. Contact the experts and Land Concepts.