If you’re anything like us, you’re eager to trade in your snow shovel for gardening shears and a trowel. Luckily, spring is just around the corner! Soon, the buds of spring will peak through the blankets of snow and bring with them the freshness that comes with springtime. In the honor of warm weather and melted ice, here is a spring landscaping checklist for your yard:

Inspect Trees and Shrubs

During your regular spring landscaping, spruce up your space by checking for broken or damaged branches. Prune what can be saved and have a professional remove what can’t. This is also a great time to trim overgrown evergreens back to the branch to encourage growth in a certain direction.

Check Your Soil

Every few years, make sure to test the pH levels of your soil to ensure a proper nutrient balance. If necessary, fertilize your soil. Make sure the fertilizer matches the nutrients you need.

Remove Debris

Refuse and debris removal is important so that everything gets a fresh start. This goes for natural or otherwise. Dead leaves and other foliage, along with anything that blew into your yard and was buried under the snow, should get cleaned up. Clean gutters and flowerbeds as well. Don’t forget to turn that trash into compost if possible!

Protect and Prepare

Pull weeds as they sprout, apply weed killer, and take measures to protect your yard from unwanted pests. 

Does your spring landscaping seem like a lot to tackle? We can help. Contact our lawn care specialists