Traditional methods of boosting curb appeal tend to focus on improving landscaping, walkways, and building exteriors. While these elements play an important part in raising value, they aren’t the first part of the property visitors, customers, or tenants will interact with—the parking lot is.  

When a customer’s first impression of your business is a poorly maintained, cracked parking lot, the impression can be hard to shake, even if your main building is spotless. In addition to increasing curb appeal, staying on top of parking lot restriping and maintainence helps keep your employees and customers safe.  

The Importance of Restriping Parking Lots  

There are several benefits to restriping your parking lot, including increased safety, efficiency, and professionalism. 

Communicate Professionalism 

The most obvious benefit of restriping parking lots is improved curb appeal. After a fresh coat of paint, your parking lot will look more professional and well-maintained, which can help communicate the pride you take in your business and set a strong tone for future business dealings. 

Improve Safety 

Parking lines convey important information to visitors, including where to park, which way to drive, and where to watch for pedestrians. When parking lines fade, drivers can become confused. Restriping creates sharp, clearly defined lines that improve organization and safety.   

Meet Regulations 

Restriping also helps your business stay up to date with regulations. Parking lot markings need to comply with local fire codes and ADA requirements, and lines that have faded completely may lead to hefty fines.  

When to Restripe Your Parking Lot  

Typically, parking lot restriping should be done every 18 to 24 months.  

However, some conditions may necessitate restriping more often, including lot material, amount of traffic, and weather.  

Lot Material 

On asphalt lots, parking strips fade more quickly than those on concrete lots, requiring more frequent restriping. Gravel lots can’t be striped with traditional methods, but can use reflective markers, which don’t fade, to define parking spaces.  


Commercial buildings that regularly receive heavy traffic, like warehouses, will likely need to restripe their lot more often than local businesses or apartment complexes that experience lighter traffic. 


Freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, and frequent snow removal can all increase the rate at which stripes fade. In areas with these kinds of weather conditions, lots should be restriped annually.  

Parking Lot Maintenance with Land Concepts  

As soon as you notice signs of wear in your parking lot, it’s time to find a parking painting business you can trust. Land Concepts offers expert restriping services and can even design entirely new parking lot layouts to improve safety and traffic flow.  

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