Contrary to popular belief, lawn care and maintenance are important all year round, not just in the spring and summer months. Staying on top of fall lawn maintenance is the best way to set yourself up for the lush, green lawn of your dreams once spring rolls around. 

Key Fall Lawn Care Tips 

Harsh winter weather can take a serious toll on your lawn and landscaping if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Add these yard care tips to your fall lawn maintenance to-do list: 

Remove Dead Leafs

While it’s always a good idea to remove dead leaves from your lawn, it becomes especially important to do so just before winter. Having piles of leaves on your lawn when the cold hits increases the risk of those leaves freezing and leaving divots in your yard, leading to patches of dead grass in the spring.

Add Plantings

People tend to think of spring as the best time to add plantings to their property, but it’s just as beneficial in the fall. Adding new plants to your lawn in the fall allows seeds to germinate just as other parts of your lawn are going dormant. Plants that germinate just before dormancy don’t compete with the rest of your lawn for resources, and can bloom up to two weeks early as a result.

Water and Fertilize

Make sure your lawn is watered and well-fed before if goes dormant. Keep to a minimum of one to two waterings a week and apply fertilizer before winter arrives to maximize your lawn’s springtime recovery.

Weed Your Yard

Weeding in autumn can make a world of difference come spring. Certain weeds like dandelions and chickweed actually begin germinating in fall, meaning they’ll likely come back in full force once spring rolls around. Getting rid of these weeds in the fall minimizes their spread and lessens the chance of re-infestation in the spring.

Winterize your Sprinkler System

Your lawn sprinkler system ensures your lawn has the water it needs to thrive, but failing to prepare your system for winter can lead to frozen and burst pipes. Be sure to winterize your system during the fall to prevent costly damage to your sprinklers.

Hire a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service 

Proper fall lawn maintenance can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Consider hiring a professional lawn maintenance service to take ensure your yard is successful this spring. Land Concepts’ lawn maintenance services cover weekly mowing, weed control, aeration, pruning, and fall cleanup. We also offer lawn fertilizer services and sprinkler system winterization to get your lawn winter-ready.

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