Homeowners add a retaining wall to their homes for a variety of reasons. It might be a landscaping necessity to help tame a hill or direct the flow of rainwater. Whether you are making your yard more functional or simply improving the beauty of your yard, retaining walls are hardscaping elements with many benefits.

Define Yard Space

Retaining walls can be used to highlight or distinguish your outdoor space. Use them to section off different areas of your yard, like a playground or fire pit area. Retaining walls are a great way to create a natural flow in your yard and define an entertainment area.

Additional Seating Areas

Retaining walls can serve a dual purpose. More than just a divider or tool to prop up your land, use retaining walls as additional seating by topping the wall with large paving stones or outdoor cushions.

Highlight Your Vegetation

Shrubs, trees, and flowers add a warm, welcoming feeling to your yard. A retaining wall isn’t just a space to hold up the soil a plant needs to grow but to show off that plant once it’s established. Adding a retaining wall might open up your newfound love of gardening!

Boost the Value of Your Home

Hardscaping elements boost the value of your home and complement its exterior. They help utilize the landscaping of your yard and add massive curb appeal to your home. This might not be a major concern to you right away, but should you choose to sell your home, you’ll

Functional and Easy to Maintain

Of course, retaining walls often serve a purpose. They are hardly ever installed purely to beautify a home, which isn’t a bad thing. Retaining walls are functional in that they improve drainage and prevent soil erosion. They also have virtually no maintenance and can save you repair costs in the future.

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