If your lawn looks like it might need a little TLC, you’ll need the right lawn care professional to meet your needs. The terms “gardener” and “landscaper” are often confused, and they’re sometimes used interchangeably. However, gardeners and landscapers are far from the same. Before deciding between a gardener or landscaper, you’ll need to nail down exactly what each professional does and compare that with the type of work you need done.  


Both gardening and landscaping focus on developing, maintaining, and caring for outdoor spaces, but there’s a few key differences between the services.  



Gardening focuses on softscaping, which involves growing and caring for in-ground plants, grass, flowers, and shrubs, whether it be a small selection or an entire garden.   


While some gardeners specialize in specific aspects of plant-related work, most gardening services offer a general range of softscaping services that includes planting, pruning, mowing, fertilization, weed control, and leaf removal.  


Should I Hire a Gardener?  

A professional gardener can offer insight when it comes to planning for your space. While your plant selection may look beautiful, it might not be the best fit for your particular garden.   


An experienced gardener can provide plant and layout recommendations to ensure your greenery thrives. Their recommendations will be based on factors that include geological location, climate, soil condition, and water drainage.  


In addition to planning, a gardener can help with sourcing quality plants. With their professional connections and experience, they can locate reputable, trusted vendors and handle the purchasing process.   


Gardening isn’t a “set it and forget it” task, your new plants will need constant nurturing and specialized care to grow successfully. A gardener can increase the odds your plants will last. As they perform their scheduled maintenance, they’ll monitor and treat your plants for any harmful diseases or pest infestations that may occur.   




Landscaping focuses on the hardscaping elements of your lawn, including permanent structures like walkways or patios. While some lawn care companies focus solely on lawn care, many offer landscaping services such as hardscaping, greenery, irrigation, retaining walls, pathways, pavement, garden sculptures, fences, arbors, lighting, and water elements.   


Should I Hire a Landscaper?  

If you’re interested in developing your outdoor space, a landscaper can work with you to discuss your options. Once they get a feel for what you’re looking for, a landscaper will create a comprehensive plan that to construct or enhance your landscape.  


If you’re looking to invest in a hardscaping project to boost your curb appeal, a landscaper can give your property’s landscape design a polished, professional look. No matter your needs or budget limits, they can offer expert hardscape advice to achieve your goals.  


For large-scale or complex projects, a landscaper would be an ideal fit. Be sure to keep your specific needs in mind when researching landscaping companies, as some specialize in residential landscaping and others focus on commercial landscape installation. 

Landscaping and Gardening with Land Concepts 

Creating the perfect landscape can be intensive work and any number of things can go wrong along the way. Land Concepts is here to support you and provide expert guidance for every aspect of your project, from inception through to maintenance. We are experts in both commercial and residential services and are committed to working within your budget to elevate the look of your space.   


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