When you’re proud of your home’s landscaping, you want to show it off whenever you can. There’s no better way to ensure passersby can admire your healthy hedges and pruned peonies all day long than with landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is a fantastic way to enhance your yard and accentuate your favorite features, like a pond, pergola, or particularly impressive tree. If you have an outdoor eating or entertaining space, adding lighting increases the time you can spend outside even after the sun goes down. Additionally, landscape lighting can help deter criminals from targeting your house—studies have shown outdoor lighting can reduce crime by a whopping 39%.

What to Consider When Planning Landscape Lighting

State Regulations

Before planning, buying, or installing anything, check your area’s local regulations on outdoor lighting. Some areas have codes that dictate where lights can be placed, what kind of bulbs can be used, and what direction they can shine, so do your research before settling on a concrete plan.


As previously mentioned, landscape lighting can serve several purposes. Is your primary goal to add dynamic shadows for aesthetic appeal or illuminate blind spots around the house? A mixture of both? The answer will help you determine the placement and the style of your lights.

Function or Feature

Most homeowners tend choose subtle lighting styles, preferring to make their natural or architectural features the spotlight. However, the lighting itself can be feature. There are plenty of artistic designs that can make your outdoor light source the focal points of your entertainment area, like these outdoor chandeliers. This method of landscape lighting should still be complimented with smaller, subtler lighting so as not to detract from the unique fixture.

Less is More

Similarly, it’s important not to overdo it with landscape lighting. Illuminating the whole yard defeats the purpose of accentuating a few features, not to mention the havoc it’ll wreak on your power bill. Pick a few features to focus on, or highlight textured features that don’t stand out as much in the daytime, like a gate or retaining wall.


If you want your light sources to be somewhat of a fixture, be sure to match the style of your house. Slim, sleek post lights work well for modern appeal, while lantern posts add rustic charm. Additionally, make sure the material is complementary to the exterior of your house.

Land Concepts can help you design a lighting plan that accentuates the natural beauty of your landscape. Visit our website for more information, or contact us today!