As August ends and autumn approaches, it can be easy to focus on fun rather than the work you need to do. The work doesn’t have to be agonizing; a bit of autumn landscaping can improve fall enjoyment for years to come. This idea is essential for businesses, as autumnal landscapes can draw new customers and keep current ones amazed. These five fall hardscape features are sure to wow employees and guests alike.   

Embracing Autumnal Landscapes

Autumn is the season of change, but the changing leaves need only be a piece of your autumn landscape. Adding a distinctive hardscape, such as a barbeque pit or outdoor fireplace, adds considerable enjoyment to the outdoor experiences of you, your workers, and your guests.

Hardscapes That Shine in the Fall

Fire Pits

A fire pit amid the woods can be a fantastic landmark for more extensive grounds. Fire pits are especially enjoyable if connected with paths to other parts of the property. Encouraging an active lifestyle is suitable for both the body and the mind, and trails with attractions keep your employees and customers healthy.  

Outdoor Fireplaces

Fall is the time for fires, but a firepit can be a liability and a chore to maintain for some commercial locations. On the other hand, an outdoor fireplace is more manageable for most organizations to handle.

Adding a gas or electric fireplace to your patio space is simple. Whether you have a patio or are building one from scratch, fireplaces give your company an outdoor space to host guests or your employees.

Walking Trails

Walking trails can be an excellent addition to your grounds, especially large ones. Not only is walking one of the simplest ways to improve health, but the fall also provides the perfect weather to get out and enjoy the trails.

Retaining Walls

Another fall hardscape project might be to add a retaining wall. Retaining walls are great when combined with gardens, trees, or patios. Walls don’t have to be boring; they can be a great place to display some colorful brick or even some beautiful ivy.

Water Features

Water features often shine during fall as they add to the season’s soothing atmosphere. However, fall is also the season when water features begin turning off in preparation for the winter.

Don’t count on these features to add to your autumnal ambiance for long. However, the season’s lower demand can lead to more accessible scheduling and timelines with landscaping companies if you are searching for a spring or summer water feature.

Professional Assistance

At Land Concepts, we have designers and landscapers to construct the perfect hardscape for your business. Professional assistance makes a substantial difference in the final product, whether you are planning or executing your autumnal landscaping ideas. Visit our website to see our services, or set up a meeting today.