There’s just something magical about being outside in the fall. It’s not too cold and the colors are breathtaking. The more time you spend outside the more you’ll appreciate having your yard hardscaped. Hardscaping your yard can include outdoor dining, fireplaces, walkways, decorative stairs, and even water elements.

Adding a hardscape design to your yard using natural materials both increases property values and spaces in your home to be enjoyed during the seasons. Here are a few fall hardscaping tips to consider as you decorate for the fall:


An Outdoor Firepit

Stay cozy outside by the fire with friends and family. If you center around a focal point you can give the entire space a beautiful and functional feel. Whether you’re taking in the last bits of warm weather outside, or you’re roasting marshmallows to eat with your pumpkin spice, a fire pit is great pretty much year-round.



Paved walkways will keep your those trick or treaters from tripping and you’ll have some major curb appeal too!



Does a part of your yard remain unused for most of the year? Perhaps it’s time to add a patio. Patio spaces can be as simple as a square of attractive pavers bedecked with chairs and a table. It’s also another great space to sip a cup of coffee or to watch the stars.

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