Now that the weather has warmed and the calming breeze of summertime floats in you’re probably like most homeowners: prepping your yard to become your outdoor sanctuary. Summer hardscaping isn’t as simple as you may think: A single garden does not a sanctuary make.

To really create the ambiance that will soothe and replenish your soul during the summer months you have to create a combination of plants, flowers, foliage, stones, patios, walls—you have to combine both landscaping and hardscaping. Here are some hardscaping tips to help you optimize  your outdoor space and make the most out of your summer:

Fire Pit Paradise

If you center around a focal point you can give the entire space a beautiful and functional feel. A fire pit is a great place to start. It’s the perfect place to create lasting memories—with both friends and family. You’ll get a lot of use out of it because it is so multifunctional.


Winding Through Walkways

If you want to keep the space natural but still functional, walkways are exactly what you need. Stone walkways will give your yard a polished look without compromising on the natural beauty.


Peaceful Patios

The most universal way to create your outdoor sanctuary is a nice patio. Add a table set and, whether you go for covered or not, an umbrella and you’ve got yourself another community space. Whatever you decide, hardscaping adds that extra element that brings your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary!