Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property from the street. For homes on the market, curb appeal plays a huge role in forming potential buyers’ first impressions. Similarly, a business’s curb appeal affects potential employees’ and customers’ impressions of your company. If the exterior of your business is poorly maintained, it reflects poorly on the care and quality you deliver to customers.

Improving Curb Appeal for Businesses

There are plenty of ways to improve the curb appeal of your business, but the easiest way is to start small. Green grass is a vast improvement over brown, dead grass. While mature trees look most pleasing, even freshly planted saplings offer a boost in curb appeal.

Depending upon the amount of land your company has, creating a natural lawn with native grasses and flowers can be a wonderful way to showcase your company’s environmental commitment. Even small efforts, like installing a rain garden can have tremendous benefits for both the environment and your business’s curb appeal, especially when leveraged for marketing and publicity purposes.

Unless your business has a dedicated gardener, improving your curb appeal will take time out of your already busy work schedule. Save time and energy by hiring a professional commercial landscaping company. The experts at Land Concepts can help you create the perfect outdoor space for your company. Whether it’s a secluded staff sanctuary or a welcoming greenspace out front, working with a landscaping company allows your business to create a unique feature that draws in customers and new employees alike.

Curb Appeal: More than Just Landscaping

Curb appeal does not end with greenspaces. Your company’s pavement and building exterior are other areas that can drastically affect the perception of your business, welcoming potential customers or driving them away. You can further boost your company’s curb appeal by:

  • Adding welcoming signage
  • Adding seasonal décor
  • Repainting the exterior or front door
  • Fixing burnt-out lighting
  • Repairing sidewalks and stairs
  • Repaving parking lots
  • Having parking lines restriped

Improving Your Business’s Curb Appeal with Land Concepts

In addition to landscaping, Land Concepts offers parking lot restriping services. Choose Land Concepts, the full-service solution to your company’s lacking curb appeal, and start attracting more customers to your storefront. Contact us today or visit our website to view examples of our work