Taking care of your lawn involves more than just mowing every other week. If you want a lush, green lawn that comes back year after year, you need to formulate a comprehensive lawn maintenance plan that includes critical lawn maintenance services like mowing, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and more.  

Key Steps in Residential Lawn Care  

Every lawn care plan should incorporate a range of lawn care techniques—from initial aeration to fertilization and seeding.  


Most homeowners have mowed their lawns at least once. While it may not be the most enjoyable activity, it is nonetheless an important aspect of lawn maintenance because it prevents grass from growing overly dense. For the best results, mow with a sharpened blade and only cut the grass to two-thirds of its current height.   

Mowing with a push mower can be time-consuming, so homeowners with particularly large lawns should purchase a riding lawnmower or hire a lawn mowing service to help with lawn maintenance.  


Healthy lawns should be watered once or twice a week during the summer, though lawns in very dry areas may need to be watered more frequently.   

Many homeowners choose to water their lawns by hand with a watering can or with a hose and sprinkler system. Those with larger lawns or lawns that require special watering conditions should consider installing an irrigation system to water their lawn automatically.  


Fertilization helps your lawn maintain a healthy chemical balance. A lawn that is regularly fertilized not only grows thicker and fuller, but it’s also more resilient to changing weather patterns and pests.  

The type of fertilizer that’s best for your lawn varies, but Minnesota lawns favor nitrogen-rich formulas.  


Aeration involves boring small holes in the surface of the soil to help air and nutrients better circulate among the grass’s roots. Typically, lawns should be aerated once or twice each year.  

Homeowners can aerate their lawns themselves using a lawn aerator tool, or they can hire a professional lawn care company to aerate their lawns for them.  

Benefits of Regular Lawn Maintenance  

Investing in regular lawn care services offers many benefits, including increased home value and a more aesthetically pleasing home landscape. In particular, regular lawn care positively impacts curb appeal, weed control, and pest management.  

Curb Appeal 

Your home is much more aesthetically pleasing when it’s surrounded by a green lawn rather than one that’s patchy or dead. Whether you’re interested in selling your house or simply want a beautiful-looking property, regular lawn care keeps your grass looking its best.  

Weed Control 

Weeds can easily get out of control and dominate your yard. Staying on top of lawn care keeps weeds in check so that the only thing growing in your yard is healthy green grass.  


Lawns that are overgrown or not well-taken care of are attractive to pests, including rodents and insects. Once pests have infested your property, they can be difficult to get rid of.  

Hire a Professional Lawn Care Company  

Land Concepts has the equipment and expertise to keep your lawn looking its best. We offer both residential and commercial lawn maintenance, including lawn mower services, fertilizing, and weed control. We also offer core aeration, shrub pruning, and power edging. 

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