Believe it or not, we’ve almost made it through to the warmer side of the year! Spring is just around the corner and, if you’re like us, you’re itching to get outside and enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer! That includes your landscaping and yard layout.

Are you dreaming, planning, and wishing for backyard BBQs, garden parties, and family fun? We are too! That said, it’s time to start thinking about getting that outdoor space ready for all the fun you have in store! How do you decide what you want that space to become? How do you translate your indoor style to the great outdoors? Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Consider the Outcome

What do you want to space to be? Are you looking for a luscious garden full of flowers, foliage, and the natural beauty that comes with such a space? Do you want an area to entertain, cook, relax—something low maintenance? Do you want a space that’s both a natural sanctuary and entertainment space? These questions are the perfect place to begin. You can’t decide on a style if you don’t know what functional elements you want the space to encompass.

Be Practical

If you live in the desert, your style has to be reflective of the climate. You aren’t going to have the same gardens and landscaping as someone in a wetter area. There are a number of things that impact a plant’s ability to grow; length of the growing season, amount of rainfall, amount of sun exposure, humidity, and elevation are just a few. Consider what you want function-wise and then plan accordingly for what will work in your space.

Get Inspired

Do your research and find what you like. You don’t have to like every single thing from an idea. You get to pick and choose elements that you’re comfortable with. Real-life landscaping ideas are popular, but maybe you aren’t sold on the idea of tall grasses mixed with your flowers. Do you have a particular style on the inside of your house that you want to bring outside? You can choose complementary colors and textures that will make you feel like your space is just an extension of the inside. It’s up to you.


To help you create the landscaping of your dreams, contact the experts at Land Concepts! We’ll be happy to create something beautiful with your vision in mind.