When your grass becomes brown or blotchy with dead patches, it can considerably impact the curb appeal of your home or business. But how do these unsightly lawn blemishes occur? How can they be cured? Keep your lawn green and improve your curb appeal with tips from the lawn care professionals at Land Concepts.

What’s Causing Bald Spots on Your Lawn?

There are plenty of different causes of brown, bald, or dead spots:

Once you know the cause of your lawn’s brown patches, you’ll first need to address the root of the problem before attempting to fix the patches. The solution may be as simple as picking up after your dog’s bathroom breaks; to address more serious concerns, like thatch buildup or fungus, you may need to contact a professional lawn care company.

How to Fix Bald Spots on Your Lawn

There are two main ways to repair dead patches on your lawn. One is with seed and the other is with sod. The real difference comes down to the amount of time it takes for your lawn to return to its lush, green vibrance. Using sod to patch brown spots is a quicker solution, but seeding is the more cost-effective method.

In some instances of extreme or excessive patchiness, hydroseeding by professionals, like Land Concepts, may be the most beneficial option for lawn repair. Without hydroseeding, your new grass needs to be watered both morning and night, whether you sod or seed.

Lawn Repair with Land Concepts

It’s no secret that an excellent lawn takes time and energy to cultivate. Whether you choose to address your patchy grass with overseeding, hydroseeding, or sod, let Land Concepts handle the heavy work. Our landscape designers can even help with tree positioning to ensure your lawn is getting the shade it needs to stay healthy and green all summer long. Visit our website or give us a call today.