Proper irrigation is crucial for maintaining a healthy yard. The easiest and most efficient way to ensure your lawn has the nutrients it needs to thrive is by installing a home irrigation system. These systems automatically water your lawn according to a customizable and responsive schedule, keeping your lawn lush and green while conserving water and saving you time and money. 

Installing a home sprinkler system goes a long way toward keeping your lawn healthy, but even after installation, there are steps homeowners can take to save even more money. With regular checkups, maintenance, and a few industry tricks, you can maximize your home irrigation system’s efficiency and performance.

Inspect Your Home Irrigation System 

Go through each lawn section and manually check your sprinkler head’s performance.

Broken, misaligned, or clogged sprinkler heads can impair your sprinkler system’s performance. Clean and replace any clogged or damaged sprinkler heads to ensure water is dispersed correctly.   

Adjust Sprinkler Head Direction 

Your latest expensive water bill could be due to your sprinkler system watering in undesignated locations. Walk through and check that your sprinkler heads are angled correctly. They shouldn’t be facing sidewalks, driveways, or any non-living landscape elements.  

Install Rain Sensor Technology 

Rain sensor technology detects rainfall and prevents home sprinkler systems from operating in the rain. Keeping your home sprinkler system off during significant rainfall cuts down on redundant watering, preventing overwatering and saving you time and money.

Check Your Water Pressure 

When the water pressure in your sprinkler system is too low or too high, your system could be thrown off-kilter, resulting in unnecessarily high water bills. Review your sprinkler system manufacturer’s recommended range to ensure it’s operating with the correct water pressure.

Create Automated Water Scheduling 

Some home irrigation systems can change how certain portions of a lawn are watered while leaving others untouched. Creating “zones” with specific, unique delivery settings throughout your lawn allows you to optimize your lawn-watering schedule, so you can spend less time tweaking settings and more time relaxing.  

Save With Professional Landscaping Services 

Get the most out of your home sprinkler system with expert consultation from Land Concepts. We provide customized irrigation systems for homes and commercial properties—from the piping layout to water release type.

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