Want to turn your neighbors green with envy? Want to do so in less than two weeks? At Land Concepts, one of our best methods of planting a new lawn is by hydroseeding, a popular option for both garden owners and landscapers who desire a beautiful and healthy new lawn.

What is Hydroseeding?

Also known as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydroseeding, or hydromulching, it is the process of applying a slurry mixture composed of grass seed, fertilizer, hydromulch, various soil stabilizers, binding agents, and water in a single liquefied application to your yard.

As the most cost-effective method for planting a beautiful and durable lawn, hydroseeding is a better option than dry seeding or sod for a variety of reasons. With hydroseeding, your lawn will grow more quickly and uniformly, will hold greater moisture and nutrient retention, and will be more adaptable than dry seeding. In comparison to sod, it is much more cost-efficient for a larger lawn, and there’s no waiting period to see if it will take root in your existing yard.

The process of hydroseeding is simple. We have hundreds of seed blends to choose from, or we can help create your own special blend dependent on factors such as how much sunlight and shade your lawn receives, what terrain and topsoil you have, and what kind of traffic your lawn will receive. The seed blend is mixed into a slurry which is then sprayed across the lawn with hydraulic planting equipment. The slurry attaches itself to the area and engages with your lawn to retain moisture. It then acts as a protective coating against weather, traffic, and pests, allowing for the seed to germinate and grow into a lush yard for you and your family to enjoy- sometimes in less than two weeks.

Since hydroseeding uses a spray method, it can cover greater areas, ensuring a quick landscape implementation time frame, and it means you can plant on nearly any surface for greater uniformity. This means that hydroseeding is great for erosion control and improving soil quality. With easy care, you only need to keep your lawn hydrated and free of foot traffic and pets for a short time in order for your new lawn to grow well. You’ll be able to mow your new lawn as soon as the grass reaches 2-3 inches in length, and you can fertilize it after approximately three weeks.

Need more convincing that hydroseeding is the best option for your lawn? We use Hydra-Hume in our hydroseeding process. Hydra-Hume is a fertilizer-efficiency tool that conditions the soil, increases microbial activity, stimulates root development, increases soil aeration, and improves seedling growth at emergence. It also helps to improve nutrient availability, soil structure, and aggregation to allow for better water drainage. On top of all that, it reduces weed growth.

At Land Concepts, we incorporate hydroseeding as part of our mission for superior lawn maintenance. Look to Land Concepts, Inc. for the best landscape design and lawn installation and maintenance needs. For more information on how to get your best lawn this summer or by next summer, read about our lawn maintenance services.