Having a consistent watering schedule is the best way to get a beautiful, lush lawn–especially in the summer. A stretch of hot weather, blazing sun, and limited rainfall can be disastrous for your yard. We’re betting you also don’t want to spend the summer dragging hoses around the yard, positioning and repositioning sprinklers to make sure every blade of grass and each shrub, tree, and flower gets enough water to stay healthy.

So what’s the solution? A home irrigation system.  

The Irrigation Installation Process

Not all irrigation installations are created equal. Before the team at Land Concepts installs your system, we visit your home to discover site requirements and which irrigation components will best suit your yard. We plan strategically where to place each sprinkler head, ensuring that each one has adequate crossover and there are no dry patches in your yard. Other companies might cut corners with practices that seem to save you money in the short term, but they will cost you more in uneven coverage, system corrections, and additional maintenance in the long run.

Striving to provide the best possible lawn care solutions, our irrigation systems include rain-sensing devices that conserve water and avoid waste. Our state-of-the-art systems deliver the correct amount of water to your yard at the optimal time of day. You have precise control of the delivery to your yard, even when you’re not at home.

Simple Seasonal Maintenance

At the start of each spring, you’ll need to ensure your sprinkler system is in good working order before you begin using it again. You should have a professional service give your system a thorough check-up: check all the lines for leaks, make sure each sprinkler head is properly rotating and spraying where it should be, and identify any potential problems.

When fall arrives, it is especially important to winterize your system. All lines should be cleared of water (typically using compressed air) to make sure they do not freeze and rupture over the winter. Your lines should also be unplugged and any valves should be marked to make sure there are no accidents and restarting in the spring is a fast, simple process.

A professional team like Land Concepts can install and maintain your home irrigation system based on the newest irrigation technologies and latest equipment. We work to minimize any disruption to your lawn and landscaping elements and incorporate our knowledge of soil drainage and grass varieties to give you the best irrigation system for your lawn. Contact Land Concepts to learn more.