Irrigation Services

Consistently scheduled, measured watering is the best way to ensure the health and beauty of your landscape. You can’t rely on rainfall alone to keep your landscape looking great. And who wants to spend precious free time moving hoses and sprinklers to make sure that every plant and lawn area receives adequate water?


Simple & Reliable

Using the highest-quality Rain Bird® components, a Land Concepts in-ground irrigation system gives you precise control of water delivery to your lawn, trees and plants. Even when you are away, the correct amount of water is dispensed automatically at the optimum time of day.

Best-in-Class Service

Land Concepts values long-term client relationships. For years to come, our expert technicians will provide complete professional maintenance services for your irrigation system…from timely spring activations and adjustments to protective winterizations.

Environmentally Smart

Land Concepts designs and installs “water-wise” irrigation systems. Automatic controllers and rain-sensing devices eliminate unneeded watering and conserve valuable water resources. Every system is carefully planned to minimize run-off and avoid wasted watering of driveways and non-landscaped areas.

The Land Concepts Advantage

Expert system design and quality installation set Land Concepts apart from the competition. Our irrigation specialists are continually trained on new irrigation technologies and use the latest installation equipment to minimize disruption to existing lawns and planting beds. As landscape professionals, we add value not typically available from other irrigation installation companies. We apply our horticultural knowledge of soil types, drainage requirements and the water demands of individual plants to design the optimum watering system for your site.

Quality & Value

Based on your site requirements, we carefully select the most appropriate types of irrigation heads and individual system components from the best manufacturers. We don’t cut corners. We precisely place the correct number of irrigation heads to ensure total area coverage. To avoid dry sections closest to sprinkler heads, watering patterns are set up to provide critical overlapping head-to-head coverage. Less conscientious installers may reduce the number of irrigation heads to lower your up-front cost. You won’t see problems caused by inadequate coverage at first, but you and your landscape will pay the price later with dry spots, parched plants, costly corrections and unnecessary maintenance.


Spring Startup & Maintenance

Land Concepts will ensure that your sprinkler system is running correctly. In the spring we will give your system a thorough check-up. The process begins by starting up the water lines. We go through each zone and make sure all valves are turning on and not leaking. We check that every head is rotating and spraying where it should be. Our experienced service technicians will walk your entire property looking for any problems that could lead to wasted water or unsightly dry spots. Before we leave we will program your controller and answer any questions that you may have.

Fall Winterizing

Winterizing of your sprinkler takes a special touch. Land Concepts has the knowledge and equipment to handle almost any job. In the fall we take a commercial air compressor and run a high volume of compressed air through all the parts of your sprinkler system to remove and prevent winter freeze-up. We unplug your sprinkler system controller and mark all interior water valves to minimize any chance of accidents.


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