Taking care of your lawn and regularly swapping out plantings can do wonders for your property’s curb appeal, but standard maintenance will only take you so far. Hardscape elements such as walkways, patios, lamps, and benches can transform your outdoor space into something uniquely yours while upping the value of your home. Lighting design is an often-overlooked aspect of hardscaping that can have a big impact of curb appeal and beyond.  

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting  

Landscape lighting is a home improvement project that has widespread, lasting benefits for your property:  

Improves Usability  

Installing landscape lighting helps makes your outdoor space more navigable at night, so you never have to worry about tripping over hardscape elements or falling down the stairs. Certain lighting configurations, especially floodlights, can also be used to brighten up an outdoor space so it can be used for gatherings or parties.  

Increases Safety 

Illuminating your property with outdoor lighting can deter would-be thieves and burglars, improving both safety and security. Certain types of landscape lighting, kigh bollard or string lights, can also minimize injuries by defining the edges of pathways and structures.  

Boosts Curb Appeal 

The National Association of Home Builders found that 90% of prospective homeowners rated outdoor lighting as an “essential” or “desirable” feature in a prospective home. Landscape lighting is an attractive addition that can boost curb appeal and raise property value, leading to faster sales on the real estate market.  

Spotlights Landscape Features  

Outdoor lighting design can shine an actual spotlight on specific landscape or hardscape features, allowing homeowners to show off a favorite flower bed or tree planting, or emphasize key hardscape elements like gazebos, firepits, or fountains.  

Styles of Landscape Lighting  

Lighting design is a broad category, and there’s no “right” way to lay out lighting on your property. There are, however, several popular outdoor lighting styles and techniques that can make almost any yard sparkle.  


Floodlights are extremely powerful lights designed to brightly illuminate a wide area. This style of lighting is ideal for brightening key spots on your property, such as a parking lot, entryway, or a particular landscaping bed. Some types of floodlights can also connect to a security system and set to illuminate a specific area when they detect movement, helping keep your property safe from intruders.   

Path Lighting 

Path lights are small lights intended to be installed along the edges of hardscaped pathways. At night, the outline of the path will be illuminated, making navigation easy and improving safety conditions.   

Structure Lights 

Lights can also be installed on structures such as decks, stairways, and buildings. Typically, structure lights are placed in between steps or on the edges of a building to help illuminate specific architectural features. This can help people find structures in the dark safely and accentuate architectural design. 

Comprehensive Landscaping Services  

The experts at Land Concepts offer expert landscaping and hardscaping services, from designing and putting in new plantings to adding complementary hardscaping features like pavers, edging, and comprehensive lighting design.  

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