Having a small yard doesn’t mean you can’t create the outdoor space of your dreams. There are plenty of techniques you can utilize to maximize the yard space you have and make it seem even larger than it is—it’s just a matter of knowing the best strategies.

Avoid Fencing

Even when made from natural materials like wood or stone, privacy fencing blocks out the landscape beyond your property line and can make your yard feel small. Instead, create privacy with hedges and trees, which allows you to define your space without completely isolating your yard from the rest of the world.

Have One Focal Point

Giving the eye something to focus on will make the surrounding space feel bigger and less crowded. This could be anything from a water feature, like a small pond or fountain, to a hardscaped patio with a firepit or outdoor kitchen.

Pick One Paving Material

While using different types of stone in a larger yard creates dynamic visual appeal, it tends to make smaller yards look cluttered and unorganized. Pick and stick to one style and material of paver. In addition, avoid completely straight paver pathways; using curves can help direct the eye through your yard, creating the impression of more space.

Create Levels

Use vertical landscaping and hardscaping to take your small space to the next level. Multi-tiered patios, raised planting beds, sunken firepits, or terraced retaining walls can all give the impression of more space. You can also use a pergola or arch to grow vining or hanging plants without taking up ground space—just don’t overdo it by crowding out the view of the sky.

Pick Small Furniture

Choose furniture with size in mind, picking small pieces that don’t take up much space or can be neatly folded away when not in use, like collapsible chairs and tabletop fire bowls. Look for chairs with slatted backs or negative space, like the above picture, which won’t block the view of the rest of your yard.

Alternatively, use hardscaping to create multifunctional seating—a retaining wall that doubles as a bench, for instance.

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