When it comes to choosing plants for your next landscape design project, it can be difficult to know where to begin. With so many plant options available, it’s tempting to just choose the first ones you see, but taking the time to determine which species is best for your outdoor space will pay off in the long run.  

Incorporating native plant species into your outdoor space can substantially improve the health of your lawn and soil, preventing future headaches and keeping your lawn looking good in the spring and summer. The ecological benefits of using native plant life is nearly limitless, but some of the more immediate benefits include reduced maintenance, fewer weeds, and a reduced carbon footprint.   

Reduce Maintenance  

One of the most attractive benefits of native plants is that they require less maintenance than plants that don’t naturally grow in your climate. Native plants thrive in their natural growing zones, taking root quickly and reaching their full size much sooner than foreign varieties. Native plants also grow stronger and healthier—without supplemental treatments.   

Support Wildlife  

Native plants play a critical role in wildlife habitats across the country. They are a natural food source for pollinators like birds and butterflies, as well as songbirds native to the area. Native plants can also be used as a form of shelter by many small mammals, amphibians, insects, and reptiles. By planting native species in your outdoor space, you’ll help maintain the natural habitats of dozens of different species, promoting the health of your local ecosystem and helping regain lost biodiversity.  

Environmentally-Friendly Option 

Flowers, trees, shrubs, and grass varieties that aren’t native to your area require substantial upkeep, increasing the amount of water and fertilizer needed to maintain them. Native plants are an eco-friendly alternative that don’t need harsh chemicals to thrive. Native plants also reduce erosion and improve air quality.  

Contact Professional Landscaping Services for Native Plant Installation 

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