If you live in Minnesota you are used to finding interesting new things in your yard after the snow has melted. Whether it’s trash or parts of trees it makes your yard look unappealing.

Start by clearing out the leftover debris. Rake the leaves, twigs, and other objects covering your grass. The debris is creating a sunblock and your grass is not absorbing the nutrients it needs to start a healthy green glow for summer.

Did the snowplow knock branches off your trees? Prune branches that are damaged and make them look good. If the job seems too difficult, hire a professional, and stay safe. Start pruning back your bushes and trees and help kick start their growth. Also, bushes may have an awkward shape after holding up all the heavy snow and should be reshaped.

Plan your strategy for planting. Think about which plants you are planting, where they are going, and when they need to be planted for optimal growth. Consider spacing out your planting schedule – waiting until the weather is right to plant everything may cause you to be overwhelmed. You may eliminate your initial garden idea – that’s why it’s good to place hearty plants early and space out your workload.


Is the siding on your house looking dirty or moldy? Clean off the dirt and brighten up the outside of your house with a little extra elbow grease. Check retaining walls and other landscaping for dirt and grime; use a hose or pressure washer (if available) to spray down the dirt.

Your front door is the first thing your guests see when they come to visit. Make sure it is clear of debris that blew in from the spring thaw. A little cleaning can go a long way in making your house look more like home.

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