The holidays are about love, cheer, gratitude, and happiness. We also decorate our homes to be inviting and welcoming to our guests and just to bring out happiness and holiday cheer. Outdoor holiday decorating can be a tough route to navigate. We’ve all seen that one neighbor who basically lights up the entire block with inflatable, light up, often musical decorations. It’s fun and festive at first, but it can feel a little excessive.

Is it possible to achieve that same atmosphere and welcoming feeling on the outside of your home without it looking like Christmas got sick all over your yard? Landscaping increases curb appeal and there are definitely ways to decorate for the holidays that not only highlight the landscaping you already have but bring in some festive elements as well.

Many people prefer to decorate for the holidays with greenery, pinecones, berries, and other natural elements as opposed to creating a Vegas light show in the back yard. Here are some ideas to help bring the joy of the holidays from the inside of your home to the outside.

Go Green

Your holiday decorating can create a winter wonderland with the right greenery. From wreaths to Poinsettias, work with the natural beauty of your landscaping to spread the holiday spirit. Tie in the elements you already love about your yard with some decorations that look like they belong on your front porch. Consider using more than one wreath and try different compositions. Try grapevine wreaths decorated with holiday greenery and berries to achieve a whimsical and magical look. Pinecones, berries, cinnamon sticks, eucalyptus branches, or traditional evergreen twigs are elegant yet simple options to decorate and highlight your yard.

Keep it Simple

Instead of having every bush, tree, shrub, and window box decorated with blinking lights of varying colors, try picking a focal point in your yard and highlight that. Do you have a particular tree that you love or do you have a spot in your yard that tends to look drab during the winter months? Spruce it up with some lights and décor!

Walkways, Doors, and Fences

A good thing to remember is that you essentially get two different opportunities to decorate the outside of your home. You need things that look nice during the day and you can have a whole other motif when it gets dark! Try decorating your doors, gates and fences, and walkways with ornaments, lights, or greenery.

However you choose to decorate and whichever holiday you choose to celebrate, the holidays are, universally, a time of giving and gratitude. You can easily spread the holiday cheer in your yard by highlighting the landscaping you already have with a holiday spin! from all of us at Land Concepts, have a happy holiday season!