If you are blessed with a big yard and a nice outdoor porch or patio, you understand the desire to show it off and use it as much as possible. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you can’t still utilize your outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing, or dining al fresco.

Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate your front door, provide an extra layer of security, highlight your home’s landscaping or architecture, and much more. 

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Provide Additional Safety and Security

Outdoor lighting helps eliminate falls and other accidents caused by poor (or a lack of) lighting. There are also plenty of studies that show how well-lit houses deter criminals and areas with good lighting fall victim to crime less often.

Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

Outdoor lighting is often used to highlight the beauty in a home or business’s landscaping. Unlike conventional lighting and the sun, it can be used to reveal different perspectives and shapes within architecture. Highlighting, silhouetting, and shadowing effects used in different lighting techniques can transform your home.

Create A Pleasing Ambiance

Whether you are utilizing your space after dark or creating the feeling of additional space where there is none, outdoor lighting can help. Using different setups and even different colors, you can create a unique mood and atmosphere in your outdoor living space.

Common OutdoorLighting Styles

Entry Way Lights

Commonly seen in home protection and security, these lights are used to illuminate a front door, porch, or entry way. The most common practice of entry way lighting might be wall-mounted lights around the front door.

Landscape Lighting

On the opposite end of the spectrum, landscape lighting is used to highlight a focal point or landscape feature in a yard. Hardscaping features like retaining walls, stone facades, or garden elements look especially lovely when lit up at night. You might also consider installing a pool or water feature lighting to highlight a fountain or well beautifully after dark.

Walkway Lights

These lights typically stay low to the ground to prevent tripping when not in use. Step lights are a great addition if your home features an abundance of stairs. You can also bring attention to the pathway to direct visitors to your front door or outdoor seating area. 

Party Strings and Lanterns

They’re not just a Pinterest-worthy party favors. String or rope lighting is easy to install and does not require any hard wiring. You can find sets that range in brightness from subtle and romantic to bright and exciting. These decorative accents can also serve as a functional light. They are a quick way to add style and character to your space.

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