There’s a reason that us Minnesotans joke about road construction season being a legitimate addition to a seasonal calendar. Winter is a reality here and it does more than just lower the temperatures and provide snow-related recreational activities. The winter’s wear and tear on asphalt is dangerous and expensive. The battle between winter and asphalt is almost as an epic of a story as good vs. evil. And when you only have a select few months of the year to repair that damage, you tend to hit a lot of detours during those months.

The freeze/thaw cycles alone are hard on the condition and durability of pavement and that’s before you factor in salt, snowplows, and even traffic. So, what does this mean for your industrial and commercial parking lots? Spoiler alert: your parking lot is subject to that same wear and tear but the city doesn’t pay to have it fixed for you. So what can you do about your parking lot maintenance? Here are some tips for protecting and repairing your industrial parking lots:

Snow Damage Protection

Even though snowplows have good intentions, they still pack a pretty mean punch when it comes to asphalt. To protect your parking lot from plow damage, make sure it’s free of rubble like loose rocks or garbage. Also, make sure to clearly mark the curbs and boundaries of the parking lot. It’s also important to keep shovel often because the freezing and melting causes extensive damage. If you can keep the lot as dry as possible, you’ll avoid that type of damage. By keeping up with plowing and shoveling, you’re also decreasing the risk of accidents. An added level of protection and safety for your patrons is always a good idea.

Repairing Snow Damage

There’s really no way to completely avoid winter damage on your asphalt parking lots. Proper protection and preparation help avoid repairing as frequently, but you’re still likely to have some damage come spring. It’s important to repair the damage for your customers, employees, and your bottom line.

Winter causes faded pavement marks, asphalt cracks, and potholes, and the snowplows add to that damage. When the lines aren’t accurately marked, you increase the chances of accidents in your parking lot. You’ll also lose space because let’s be honest, a lot of people have a hard time parking inside the lines even when they’re clearly visible. You’ll just make it more difficult for people to park and that will impact your profit margin. Land Concepts offers commercial and industrial parking lot sweeping and striping and spring clean up.


Don’t let winter defeat your parking lot! With the right amount of protection and Land Concepts to call for repairs, you don’t have to worry about someone’s soul leaving their body when they hit an enormous pothole in your parking lot.