Many homeowners think of fall as a time for wrapping up their lawn care routines. Preparing for the last mow of the year, reducing water, fertilizing, aerating—anything they can do to prepare their lawns for the cold snap just around the corner. And while this is all true and necessary for promoting a healthy lawn, fall is also a fantastic time to plan and install hardscaping.

By installing your hardscape during the colder months, your outdoor living space will be ready to enjoy come spring. Many of your yard’s plants are dormant during this time, which lessens the risk that they’ll be damaged during installation. Likewise, there are fewer weeds, which makes installing hardscape pathways easier. You may even find your installation quote is lower, as the demand for hardscape services decreases in the fall.

So, while you may be planning your hardscape project this fall, you may also have no clue where to start. While planning your hardscape project, follow these tips for designing an outdoor living space that’s both functional and aesthetically stunning.

Ideate Your Ideal Living Space

Before anything, determine the goals of your hardscape. Do you want space to garden? A place to cook? Privacy from the neighbors? A patio where you can watch the kids play on the lawn? Consider not just the aesthetic and functional goals but the environmental goals, as well. Are you trying to control erosion? Conserve water?

Your goals will guide the next step in planning your hardscape project: choosing the features you want included in your outdoor living space. Look for inspiration, make a list, then narrow that list down to the essentials. Especially if you’re working with a small yard, your hardscape design will need focal points, whether that’s a firepit, water feature, or gazebo.

Design Your Hardscape Project

Your design needs to balance your goals, your budget, and your yard’s existing geography and size. It also needs to factor in local codes, regulations, and required permits.

We don’t blame you for balking at that—it’s a lot to consider. Thankfully, there are plenty of experienced, professional landscaping companies who can help you design a hardscape project that takes everything into account to create a cohesive and beautiful outdoor living space.

Select Your Materials

Your hardscape materials should complement the exterior of your home. No matter your budget, there are options that can help you achieve the style you’re looking for.

Select Your Plants

Beyond your aesthetic preferences, your choice of plants will depend on:

  • Your desired level of maintenance—annuals or perennials?
  • Whether pests, insects, and plants disease are concerns
  • Your soil quality
  • Your hardiness zone
  • The level of sun your yard receives

Choose a Professional Landscaping Company

Ready to make your hardscape dream a reality? Once you’ve developed a concrete plan, it’s time to find a trusted company to carry it out.

With years of experience in both designing and installing hardscape, the Land Concepts team is ready to help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams. Check out examples of our previous projects, or contact us to get a quote.