It’s Time for a Hardscape Installation

How many times have you looked out the window today and wanted more? Every landscape needs a little touch to make it unique. For homes and businesses especially, a hardscape can transform an otherwise mundane space into an attraction. For homeowners, it can mean an intricate deck, enriching the appearance of your home. For a business, installing hardscapes like pavilions and walkways give a potential customer a sense of wonder when approaching your storefront. Regardless of the goal, hardscape installation requires a great deal of preparation to make your project a reality.

Preparing the Ground

Ground preparation is key during hardscaping services. Without solid, level ground the foundations beneath your hardscape can tilt and sink. This can cause costly repairs further down the road. Repair costs can cost a fortune even in a project for smaller yards. A solid foundation saves you time and money. One of the first and most important hardscaping services is grading, where the ground is tested for efficiency in displacing water. If the ground retains water, this can cause flooding back into the establishment. If the ground needs to be altered, an expert has a variety of hardscape tools to elevate and level the ground around your property.

A Solid Base

You’ve heard the term “foundation” before and for good reason. For cutting edge hardscapes, you’ll need to make sure that the foundation is strong enough to support your project. For plenty of projects residing on stamped concrete, a separate concrete foundation won’t be needed. However, a concrete base may be necessary for projects like pavers and stone walkways. Be sure to take the foundation into account before starting your project.

Cold Weather Complications

There’s nothing like freezing temperatures to throw a wrench in your plans. With winter on the horizon, colder temperatures mean the ground will be harder to work with. Additionally, curing concrete can require propane heaters and tented areas for effectiveness. If your hardscape installation is underway while temperatures are dropping, be sure to consult an expert on any necessary steps to take before moving forward.

Grab Your Gear

Our hardscaping services require quite a bit of gear to get rolling. Not only will our hardscaping experts bring smaller pieces of equipment like gloves, knee pads, and safety glasses; they’ll also need more equipment for bigger projects. Some of these include: large levels, measuring equipment, pickaxes, shovels, concrete spreaders, tractors, loaders, compactors, and even a forklift.

Preparing for a hardscape installation requires solid logistics. It’s not as simple as a quick trip to the hardware store. Larger projects require heavy equipment, but also planning, budgeting, materials, preparation, and critical knowledge about how these things converge to make the project of your dreams into reality. Trust us when we say the benefits are worth it.

With Land Concepts’ team of experts in hardscape installation, you can rest easy knowing that your project will not only invite guests to stare, but that it will also do so for a long time.