Do you ever drive by someone’s home and think, “How do they get such a beautiful lawn?” You, too, can have grass that will turn your neighbors green with envy. All you need to start are the proper lawn mowing techniques and you’ll be well on your way to what feels like a new yard!

Mowing Height

You might be tempted to mow your grass very short so that you do not have to mow as frequently, but a higher grass height can be strategic for a healthier lawn. Taller grass actually shades the soil and decreasing weed growth. You should never be cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass blade height. The explains that taller grass is also preferable in shaded areas. “Longer grass blades have a greater surface area for conducting photosynthesis. In a low-light situation, this is a great benefit and a secret to growing a healthy lawn in the shade.”

Know When to Mow

It is important not to mow in extreme heat or full sun. Mowing the grass is the same as pruning a bush; it puts stress on the plant. This is often what causes your lawn to dry out and die in some areas. Instead, mow in the evenings when the grass is dry and the heat is lessened. If you cut the grass when it is wet, it can damage your mower and result in an uneven cut.


Picking the Perfect Pattern

It is ideal to leave your grass clipping on the lawn when you mow. If your grass is the right height, clippings will break down quickly and actually provide nutrients to the soil. This is the reason it is important to vary your pattern when mowing the lawn. One time go vertically, the next time horizontally, and then diagonally. explains that this distributes clippings more evenly, avoids compacting the soil, and encourages your grass to stand up straight and tall.


All these efforts will improve your turf, but sometimes it can be hard to find the time to mow when conditions are right. Let us at Land Concepts care for your grass and know it will thrive under our expertise. Soon the neighbors will admire the beauty of your lawn when they drive by.