Given the recent arctic conditions we’ve been facing, it’s easy to want to curl up inside and do absolutely nothing. That said, a person can only do that for so long before they go stir-crazy. One way to distract yourself from the cold and snow is to start thinking about which landscaping projects you might want to tackle this spring. Here a few reasons why winter is the best time to start planning those landscaping projects:

An Escape from Reality

Think back to the summer months and imagine all your fun outdoor activities under the warm sun. Now, imagine enjoying your summer while you sit out on your beautiful new patio. Not only can you fantasize about all the entertaining you can do once the ice melts, but you can also take your time and plan smart. Discuss your vision with your landscaper now so when you actually start the project, everyone is on the same page.

Seasonal Benefits

You can also take comfort in knowing that many landscaping companies are in their slow season and have a little more time to make sure your landscaping projects are even better than you imagined. You can call around and find someone you’re excited to work with. If you wait, you’ll be rushing to get it done before you’ve had time to plan. Ask about discounts or competitive pricing!

Permits, if necessary, take time to get. Materials could be unavailable if you wait. These details often get overlooked when you’re starting and executing a project in the spring. If you take the time to plan and consult with an expert now, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as that ground is no longer hidden under layers of ice and snow.


Call Land Concepts today and start planning your spring landscaping projects while you have the extra time!