Minnesota’s harsh winters come with a near-constant covering of snow and ice that coat houses, lawns, and roads, as well as outdoor living spaces. When it comes to patio pavers, cleaning can be complicated, especially because it’s easy for them to get damaged when trying to remove the packed ice and snow.

This winter, take care removing snow from your outdoor patio pavers with these tips from the experts at Land Concepts.

Use the Right Tools

The tools you use to remove snow from your patio pavers can make all the difference. Avoid using metal shovels or heavy snow removal machinery, which can crack or break your pavers. Instead, opt for a plastic shovel, a rubber-edged shovel, or a soft-bristled broom.

Use Light Pressure

Don’t apply too much pressure when removing snow from your patio pavers. When they’re covered in snow, it’s difficult to see if you’re at risk of cracking or scuffing the pavers. Gently shovel the majority of the snow, and use a broom to brush out any leftover powder in the cracks between.

Remove Snow Right Away

Deal with heavy snowfall as soon as possible, as the cycle of snowing, thawing, and refreezing can damage your pavers. Water melts, seeping into the cracks between pavers, then expands when it freezes. This can push your pavers out of place or worsen already-present cracks.

Be Careful with De-Icing Chemicals

Depending on the type of pavers you have on your patio, it may be best not to use any chemicals to remove the ice and snow, as they may damage your pavers. Anything with magnesium should be avoided; however, sodium chloride is safe to use on most pavers.

Avoiding Damage to Patio Pavers

In addition to carefully removing snow from your patio pavers, there are a few things you can do during the warmer months to help prevent damage during the following winter.

Seal Your Pavers

Sealing your patio pavers helps prevent water from infiltrating the cracks and, in turn, damage from that water freezing in winter.

Prevent Running Water on Your Pavers

Ensure there’s no running water dripping from your roof, deck, or porch, which could get on your pavers and cause damage when frozen.

Keep Your Pavers Clean

Regularly clean your pavers, especially during late autumn before the snow falls. This prevents harmful contaminants from sitting on your pavers throughout the winter and decreases the occurrence of erosion and stains.

For more information on how you can protect your outdoor space from the snow and ice this winter season, contact Land Concepts. Our experts have been helping home and business owners build and protect the outdoor spaces of their dreams for years.