Spring is the perfect time for businesses to take care of their parking lots and prepare them for the busy season ahead. One overlooked but essential task is restriping a parking lot. Restriping is the process of repainting the lines and markings on the parking lot, including parking spaces, curbs, crosswalks, and more. With the winter snow and ice gone, you can finally restripe for several benefits like:

  • Improved safety
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Efficient use of space
  • Attractive appearance

Improve Safety by Restriping Your Parking Lot

Nearly one in five car accidents happen in parking lots. Additionally, 40% of parking lot fatalities involve crossing pedestrians. These accidents happen for several reasons, but a poorly marked lot is sometimes the culprit.

You mark important traffic indicators and pedestrian crosswalks when you restripe your parking lot. These markings keep your customers safe and decrease your liability in the case of an accident. Clear lines can also assist people during parking, leading to fewer dents, dings, and scratches.

Restripe for Compliance

Several state and local laws require frequent restriping of a parking lot and a certain number of ADA-compliant spaces. By working with a restriping business, you can solve these issues and avoid costly fines.

Improve Your Aesthetic

One simple reason to restripe your parking lot is to improve curb appeal. You may not think about it, but one of the first things your customer sees is your parking lot. Commercial businesses thrive from first impressions, and a clean, crisp parking lot will set you apart from your competition.

Create Efficient Use of Space

Having a professional restripe can maximize the number of spaces for your lot. Without clear lines, customers often park wherever they can fit. This way of parking isn’t usually efficient, meaning that some customers might settle for a different store because they can’t squeeze in.

Clear lines, on the other hand, perfectly guide customers where to go and yield the maximum number of spaces possible, given the size of your lot. You’ll need all the spaces you can get to get the maximum number of visitors on a busy day.  

Restriping to Save Costs

In addition to the cost savings from decreased liability, restriping can save you money in several other ways. First, restriping can address areas with extra wear and tear on your pavement. Finding these problems early will save you a higher repair cost in the future.

Another way a restripe service can save you money is by increasing your number of spaces. With the maximum number of spaces, you’ll lose fewer customers to traffic and reduce your need to construct additional parking.

Restriping Your Lot With Land Concepts

Land Concepts specializes in restriping parking lots for commercial locations. You can receive all these benefits and more by working with our team. Add parking lot restriping to your list of Spring to-dos, and contact us to book our service.