Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance in St. Cloud, MN

Land Concepts offers commercial and industrial parking lot maintenance. We use high quality paint for all striping projects to maximize the safety, longevity, and aesthetics of your parking facility.

This is our business and we’re good at it. We offer sweeping and striping as well as parking lot layouts, line striping, line re-striping, stenciling, and blocking services.

Spring Cleanup

Schedule your spring cleanup and we’ll get it done. We will clean all debris from your parking lot, remove all recycling bins from your dumpster enclosures, and blow all debris from that area. We will use our commercial-grade blower to remove debris from all entrances and in front of garage doors. Spring cleanup also includes a complete sweeping of the parking lot (a vital step in maintaining your lot’s appearance and longevity). All debris will be removed with proper disposal.


Restriping a parking lot is an efficient, inexpensive way to give your business a professional look. Our restriping services include:

• Black out faded, old lines and replace them with fresh lines
• Realign ends for a more even, clean look
• New layouts can be created to increase efficient use of space

The high quality paint we use for striping maximizes the safety, longevity and aesthetics of your parking area.

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