Your yard winterization isn’t complete without properly shutting down and insulating your in-ground sprinkler system. Simply shutting off the water isn’t enough to protect your investment.


After shutting off the water supply, protect the main shut off valve by wrapping it in foam insulation tape and a plastic bag. The tape will protect the valve from the harsh temperature and the bag will help keep moisture away. Any above-ground piping needs to be insulated as well.

Check the Controls

Make sure you shut down the timer on the controller. Look for a rain-mode, which shuts down the signals to the valves, but keeps all the previous programming. This will make restarting easier in the spring.


From a manual drain to a compressed air blow-out, there are many methods of draining for different irrigation systems. Of course, we recommend the Land Concepts experts to help drain your irrigation system as part of our lawn winterizing services, but confident DIYers may also turn to manufacturer’s instructions to help. Be cautious when using online resources. Make sure they are specific to your system installation.


Properly shutting down your sprinkler system will help protect your investment and ensure great water pressure when you next use your system in the spring. And if you get into a pickle, Land Concepts is here to help.