Spring showers bring May flowers, but what about the rest of your yard? How do you get your lawn looking like it’s in tip-top shape? Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to get your lawn healthy and ready for an unlimited number of backyard barbecues using spring lawn care.

Irrigation Check-up

If you have an irrigation system installed, it’s time to get it inspected. Summer is when your irrigation system will put into overdrive, so it’s best to inspect your sprinkler system before high season. In fact, the best time to schedule a check-up prior to March. During your irrigation inspection, our experts will check your water pressure, whether the ground is still frozen or to see if any parts are missing, broken, or malfunctioning.

Find the Right Time to Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn is a delicate business. There’s a fine balance to strike between ensuring your blades of grass get enough nutrients to sustain them throughout the growing season, but also make sure that they are not overwhelming with saturation. Ideally, April is the best time to start fertilizing your lawn or whenever temperatures are consistently above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily, your expert lawncare professionals can make the entire spring lawn care process easier for you by simply taking over and maintaining your lawn.

Edge Beds

Spring cleaning extends to the garden. When temperatures warm up, it’s time for your flower garden and beds to flourish. To ensure your yard looks fresh and manicured all year long, take the time to edge your landscaping. This might mean applying more mulch and removed excess turf. Landscaping helps elevate the look and feel of your home all year long.

Get your lawn in tip-top shape this season to make it look beautiful all year round. Our lawn care experts can help you with any of your lawn care needs. Act now to get the greenest lawn yet.