Hydroseeding involves spraying a slurry composed of seed, mulch, fertilizer, soil amendments, and water onto a surface to seed a lawn. It’s efficient and inexpensive compared to the time required to grow an entire yard naturally. The high-pressure spray immediately puts grass seed in a place, where it can germinate surrounded by nutrients to encourage growth. Additional benefits of hydroseeding include erosion control, soil conditioning, increased microbial activity, stimulation of root growth, and an overall reduced—or nonexistent—need to weed.

When to Hydroseed

Due to the cold here in Minnesota, there are only 3 seasons of the year where hydroseeding and seeding, in general, are possible. While spring, summer, and fall each have different advantages and issues associated with them, they happen to be the three ideal seasons to hydroseed. In spring and fall, the grass will grow at a good rate and require less watering than when under the hot summer sun. On the other hand, hydroseeding in the summer will give you the quickest possible growth. The ideal temperature for hydroseeding is between 75-85 degrees, so for consistent, quick growth, be sure to hydroseed in the summertime.

How Much Does Hydroseeding Cost

Hydroseeding costs about $0.20 per square foot, but discounts are frequently given based on the amount of area covered. This may sound expensive compared to planting grass seed; however, if you plant grass seed traditionally, you’ll have to consider the added cost of seeding and reseeding as growth doesn’t come in as strong. You also won’t have to worry about patchy or bald spots in your yard if you choose to hydroseed.

Where Can You Find a Hydroseeding Professional in Minnesota

Here at Land Concepts, we never cut corners when it comes to our seeding process. We’ve specifically engineered our slurry mixture to condition your soil, improve seed growth, eradicate erosion, eliminate weeding, and even increase the activity of microbes in your outdoor space. The seed we use is the best available and genetically engineered to yield the darkest, most luscious grass available today. Contact us to set up a consultation today!