Minnesota winters can be pretty harsh—on pretty much everything. This is especially true for things outside. Landscaping paver stones are a beautiful and elegant way to add dimension and value to your garden or yard, but when you live in MinneSNOWta, you have to take the weather into account when making any sort of investment that’s susceptible to the elements.

Not every type of paver material is right for the climate here. The freeze and melt cycles throughout winter can cause the materials to expand and crack. The soil underneath the paver can become steeped with moisture and that can damage the whole structure. Here are a few options for pavers that work well in colder climates:


Whether you want a paved walkway or a concrete retaining wall, this material is durable without sacrificing the aesthetics. Due to the installation process, concrete pavers are unlikely to crack. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, making them a great landscaping paver choice.


Stone patio pavers are usually processed to withstand various weather conditions. They are durable, and, when you choose a stone you find in the area, you already know it’s capable of surviving the winter. The stones may not be uniform in their shape which could impact the design.


The benefits of using pavers as opposed to other building materials make all the difference as well. They have a lower water-to-cement ratio than ready-mixed concrete. They can also be installed in cold weather because they are assembled in a manufacturing plant.


If you have any questions regarding patio pavers and cold climates, contact Land Concepts for more information!