As a business owner, there are few things more important than making a good first impression. A welcoming reception area, a tidy workspace, and a friendly attitude all help foster feelings of reliability and professionalism in potential customers.  

While it may not come to mind immediately, your building’s landscape design also affects how your customers see your company and, in turn, how likely they are to do business with you.  

How Landscape Design Impacts Customer Perception  

Investing in a high-quality landscape design customized to your brand and business needs can help establish credibility and set the tone for future interactions with customers—all before they even set foot in your building. 

Set the Tone  

Imagine you’ve just remodeled the interior of your office. There’s a wall of windows to let in natural light, comfortable seating for clients, and freshly applied paint in bold, inviting colors. Odds are clients that enter this space will see your company as friendly, modern, trustworthy, or fun.  

Updating your building exterior can have a similar effect, building a favorable view of your company in the minds of potential customers. Conversely, unkempt landscaping sets the wrong tone for your business. Despite the quality of your work, poorly maintained greenspaces, messy garden beds, dead shrubs, and cluttered walkways tell clients a different story—one that reflects poorly on your business. 

Communicate Your Brand  

When designing your company landscape and planning for commercial lawn care, consider which features best align with your company and its values. A small water fountain produces a naturally beautiful, relaxing vibe—perfect for a spa or aesthetic bar—while bright, colorful flower arrangements are more fitting for an energetic and creative business like a trampoline park or art supply store.  

Certain landscaping features can showcase your company values in action. A company that has publically voiced support for environmental conservation can solidify their position by incorporating eco-friendly elements into their landscaping, like raincatchers, compost bins, and permeable hardscaping.  

Partner with Land Concepts for Professional Landscaping Services  

When it comes to designing the perfect commercial landscape, it’s important to find an experienced, professional landscaping company to work with. Whether you’re looking for commercial lawn care, landscape repair, or design consultation services, Land Concepts can help. Our team of experts will consult with you to come up with a fresh, exciting design that will impress your customers and reflect your brand.  

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