As a property manager or business owner, it’s important to maintain curb appeal year-round to attract new tenants and customers. During spring and summer, there’s no shortage of options for sprucing up your outdoor space with flowers, trees, and shrubs. In the fall, colorful foliage and mums brighten up your landscape.

And then there’s winter, bringing snow that covers your grass, bare trees, and temperatures sure to kill most flowering plants. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t winter landscaping solutions out there. The experts at Land Concepts have the tricks and tips to help you create an eye-catching winter landscape perfect for your property or business.

Winter Plant Options

Including variety in your landscape ensures there’s visual interest in every season. While winter doesn’t have as many options for bright, colorful flowers as spring or summer, there are still some plants that shine in colder temps.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are a great choice for winter landscaping because they stand out all season, even once the snow falls. Ornamental grasses have tall stalks with feathered ends that catch frost and snow, shining in the sun. They also sway with the wind, adding movement to your landscape.

Plants with Berries

Another option for winter landscaping is to choose plants that have colorful berries during the winter. Evergreen holly thrives in the cold weather, bearing red berries that appeal to birds. Other excellent choices include northern bayberry, which bears gray berries, and the red fruit of cranberry bush viburnum.

Witch Hazel

Color is everything in the winter—add pops of it wherever you can. Witch hazel is one plant that definitely packs a punch of color in a drab winter landscape, with yellow or orange flowers and a citrus scent.

Great Winter Trees

Winter landscaping isn’t just about adding plants or shrubs to the garden. The trees that surround your property are also an important part of the scenery. The best trees for winter landscaping are ones with unique features that break up the barren landscape:

  • Evergreen Trees: evergreens don’t lose their foliage in the winter, providing pops of green, blue, and even yellow color throughout the season
  • Birch Trees: birch trees have silvery, paper-like bark that stands out during the winter, even once they’ve lost their leaves
  • Red Twig Dogwood: the brilliant red color of a red twig dogwood is perfect for adding interest to your winter landscape

Hardscape Décor

Don’t forget about your hardscape during the winter! While installing a new hardscape project will need to wait until warmer weather, you can add seasonal accents to your patio or alongside your walkways. Consider bird feeders to attract wildlife or winter garden statues. Hardscaped areas are also the perfect place to display planters packed with the seasonal plants listed above.

Rely on Land Concepts for Winter Landscaping

It’s no secret that winter can be tough on your property’s landscape—thankfully, Land Concepts can help. With the highest level of care and professionalism, our experts work with you to design and execute a landscaping plan that works for your property’s specific needs. Call us today to learn more!