Let’s face it, we’re located in central Minnesota and that means freezing rain, large snowstorms, wind chill, and below zero temperatures are just part of living here. It can be easy to neglect your outdoor living space when you’re busily snow-blowing, shoveling, and putting salt down. When it comes to weatherproofing your outdoor space, you’re probably wondering why in the world you’d spend more time outside than absolutely necessary. The problem is that the landscaping and hardscaping you installed with add dimension, safety, and ambiance to your property is the most vulnerable during the winter months. Neglecting the maintenance now will only lead to bigger, more expensive problems down the line.

The constantly fluctuating temperatures that Minnesota is prone to will wreak havoc on your outdoor space. It’s not abnormal for the temperature to get into the high teens or even warmer only to plummet to below zero overnight. If you’ve ever started your car in the morning with the heat on blast only to roll down the windows on your way home from work, you’ll understand that this continues well into spring as well. The snow and ice will melt and then refreeze all winter long. This can damage your patios, fixtures, and walkways or even cause them to break, especially if they’re improperly installed.

When you factor in the wear and tear from snow removal and salt, you can really damage your pavers. Luckily, there are things you can do to protect and minimize the rough impact of winter on your patios and other outdoor spaces through weatherproofing.


When you choose quality pavers and materials your initial cost might be higher but the results are more durable and the maintenance less expensive both in time and money. Finding a quality company that you trust is also a great way to ensure your products are protected. At Land Concepts, we take pride in doing our very best, and our customer service is as important to us as the end result.


Moisture Resistance

Materials that shed water or are water-resistant can cut down on damage and will improve the safety of the walkways and patios as they tend to be less slippery. When you have your pavers professionally installed, you can ensure they are done correctly. This includes planning for drainage and water-related problems.


The most important thing to consider is by weatherproofing and taking preventative steps to protect your outdoor spaces from the cold, you’ll be saving yourself time, money, and hassle in the future.