We’ve all had lawn envy at one point or another. Whether it’s your neighbor who seems to have the perfect lawn with minimal effort or that random house you drive by on your way to work every morning. Whatever it is, we’ve all see that one yard that looks impossibly immaculate. How do they do it? Why do some yards just seem perfect? We’re going to let you in on a secret: hydroseeding.

What is Hydroseeding?

As the name implies, this process involves spraying seeds mixed with water onto a specific area. That substance shooting out of the nozzle is more than just water and seeds, though. This slurry substance contains mulch, seeds, water, fertilizer, stimulants, and other things that combine to make a power mixture! The slurry is then sprayed from a tank or a truck over a specific location. The results are a beautiful, plush lawn.

What are the Benefits?

Hydroseeding is beneficial because it can be used to cover the ugly, dead spots on your lawn, but it can also be used when starting from scratch. It gets the grass to grow much faster than traditional tilling and sowing. You can get even and consistent growth whether you’re covering a flat surface or a hilly area. Due to the things added to the slurry, soil quality can be improved as well. Hydroseeding is much more cost-effective than sodding your lawn. Sod can cost up to four times as much and because of the germination process, hydroseeding also produces healthier and heartier grass.

Why is it Important?

Aside from the cost benefits and beautiful, healthy grass, hydroseeding is a sustainable approach to a well-manicured lawn. It’s faster, more thorough, and efficient. Due to its customizable nature, you can create the seed combination that works best for the area you’re covering. Whether you’re using native grass seeds, wildflowers, or native plant life, hydroseeding can create a unique landscape.

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