If a lush, green lawn is on your wish list this year, hydroseeding can help make it happen. Hydroseeding is an innovative, efficient technique for spreading seeds and can help produce quick-growing lawns that are drought and weed resistant.  

Doing the job right is essential if you want to reap the benefits of hydroseeding. To give seeds the best chance of growing into a beautiful lawn, choose the optimal time of year to schedule your hydroseeding appointment. 

When to Hydroseed in Minnesota 

The right time to hydroseed varies depending on your location and growing zone. Hydroseeding in Minnesota is best performed during the beginning of spring or early fall. Grass seeds prefer milder weather and temperatures between 60-75 degrees for optimal growth.  

For the best results possible, temperatures should stay within this preferred range for at least six weeks after the initial hydroseeding. Colder temperatures can stall germination, while hot weather can stress the growing grass seeds, causing improper growth and trouble with root development.  

Tips for Successful Hydroseeding 

Setting yourself up for successful hydroseeding isn’t just about picking the right time of year. There is more you can do to make sure you end up with the lawn of your dreams.  

Proper Watering 

After hydroseeding, you’ll need to ensure your lawn gets enough water to promote ideal seed growth. Seeds need moisture to germinate but should not be sopping wet all the time or they can rot. Water three times per day for the first month. If you have pools of standing water on the lawn, you’re watering too much.  


Seeds do not just need water to thrive — they also need fertilizer. Apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer to the lawn four weeks after hydroseeding. After this, fertilize regularly at three-month intervals to keep your grass in good health.  

Rely on the Professionals 

Relying on a professional landscaping service to perform the actual hydroseeding is the best way to set your lawn up for success. At Land Concepts, our hydroseeding process helps condition your soil, stimulate root development, boost seed germination, and decrease the likelihood of issues like erosion and weed growth. Our seeds also give your lawn the darkest green color possible.  

Reach out to Land Concepts today to schedule a hydroseeding appointment and give your lawn the spring refresh it deserves!