Spring is the perfect time to show your lawn a little TLC. The warmer temperatures provide the ideal conditions for fertilization—an essential step toward maintaining a lush, green lawn all summer long. However, the perfect time for lawn fertilization will vary, even within the spring season. Pay attention to factors like soil temperature, plant growth, and rainfall, all of which indicate the best time to start fertilizing your lawn.  

Soil Temperature 

After the snow melts, it takes time before the soil warms enough to support plant growth. Once your soil reaches around 55 degrees, you can start your first round of fertilizer. In Minnesota, this typically happens around April or May.  

After your initial rounds, re-apply fertilizer every five or six weeks throughout the season. Pay attention to the instructions provided with your fertilizer—they may contain useful information about re-application and lawn maintenance.  

Signs of Growth 

In addition to soil temperatures, you can use new growth as an indicator for fertilization. Your grass will naturally become more active once the weather warms up.  Once you see the grass turning green and flowers blooming, you can lay your first round of fertilizer.  


Depending on the type of fertilizer you use, treating your lawn within two days of significant rainfall can maximize your fertilizer’s effectiveness without over-saturating the lawn. You can also wet your yard by hand or use your sprinkler system.  

Contact Land Concepts to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring 

Proper lawn prep, including fertilization, gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to kick off the growing season. A professional landscaping service can custom design a fertilization and lawn maintenance program to keep your yard looking its best all year long. 

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